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Region boundaries, admninistrative boundaries - Country boundaries (NUTS-0 level)

General information

This layer represents the country boundaries of all European countries. The coverage covers arc and polygon feature classed. Information associated with the polygons include country names, ISO country codes and country area. The country codes can be used to link additional (statistical) information to the layer, if required. The main features of the NUTS1 coverage are:

Layer name: NUTS0
Feature classes: Arcs, polygons (*.AAT, *.PAT)
No of arc features:
No of polygon features:
User attributes associated with AAT: 1
User attributes associated with PAT: 3

Detailed description of the arc attribute table

The AAT of the NUTS0 coverage contains only one user-defined attribute. The classification of the BOUNDARY attribute can be used to select and draw different types of boundaries, if required. The attribute differentiates between shorelines and country boundaries.

Attribute Width Output Type Dec. Contents
BOUNDARY 4 4 I --- Boundary classification
1 = Shores
2 = Country boundary

Detailed description of the polygon attribute table

The PAT of the NUTS0 coverage contains the following user-defined attributes:

Attribute Width Output Type Dec. Contents
COUNTRY 4 6 C --- ISO country code
COUNTRY_NAME 25 25 C --- Name of the country
COUNTRYTOTAREA 8 18 F 6 Total country area (in sqkm)

The attribute COUNTRY represents the official ISO codes as defined and used by Eurostat. These codes can be used both to join statistical data to the layer.

COUNTRY_NAME gives the official country name, whereas COUNTRYTOTAREA represents the total country area. This attribute should not be confused with the ArcInfo internal area attribute, which represents the area of the individual polygon in question. In contrast, COUNTRYTOTAREA represents the total country area, i.e. if the country consists of several polygons, the areas of all polygons are summed up in this attribute.

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