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RRG GIS Database (2003)

Client:  own developement

RRG is maintaining, developing and providing spatial geodatabases, comprising trans-European transport networks, administrative boundaries, geographic features as well as interaction data and regional data. The data are being updated and enhanced and further improved continuously. Basically, the datasets are available for the whole of Europe, but can also be purchased for individual countries or regions or particular groupings thereof. Concerning the spatial resolution, the database accuracy is optimised for application at national and trans-national or European level. The database comprises road, railway and waterway networks, inland ports and seaports and airports for 38 European countries, as well as their administrative boundaries, cities, shorelines and several interaction data and regional data. One of the unique features of this database is the full coding of the trans-European transport networks (TEN-T) as defined and promoted by the European Commission, as well as the coding of a full history of the networks starting in 1981 and ranging into future until 2021. For the future developments of the networks, the outline plans of the TEN-T and TINA programs in conjunction with a selection of other important national outline plans are coded in the database. As one of the important field of applications for these datasets are national or European-wide transport models, the datasets already include functional access links and centroids for the whole of Europe serving as origins and destinations for traffic flow simulations. Basically, the centroids represent NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 level centres, however, upon request centroids representing any other set of origins and destinations can also be defined. A comprehensive description of the RRG GIS Database including all attribute information and the full network topology including ordering details can be found here.

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