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ESPON UpTeMo (2014)

Upholding of the Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

Client:  ESPON Coordination Unit (Luxembourg)
Partners:  Aalto-korkeakoulusäätio (Aalto), Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Science (Warsaw), Nordregio - Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Stockholm)

This project, led by Nordregio, Stockholm, is concerned with the update and enhancement of the territorial monitoring system for the Baltic Sea (BSR-TeMo), which was developed in the framework of the ESPON TeMo project.
The first task updates existing so-called headline indicators with latest statistical data. Indicators to be updated include GDP, R&D expenditures, migration rates, population development, poverty rish, and different types of accessibility and environmental indicators. Beyond data collection, this task also comprise update of maps and updates of the already existing TeMo web application.
The second task extends the present monitoring system by introducing urban indicators. As basis, the Urban Audit initiative as well as the ESPON City Bench project will be used. Since the present TeMo system works at regional level (NUTS-3), needs arose to extend it to the urban level by collecting and analysing appropriate and policy-relevant urban indicators. Again, besides the collection of such local indicators, the present web application will be extended in a way to accomodate urban indicators as well.
RRG is responsible for the update of some of the accessibility indicators, for all cartographic works and for the upate and enhancement of the web application.

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