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Interaction data and regional data - Introduction

This type of data does not comprise layers or feature classes representing geographical features or objects, but interaction data and regional data for and based upon administrative and statistical units. Consequently, these data are not available as layers but as ArcInfo Info tables, dbase files, MS Access database or in specific ASCII file formats.

All interaction data and regional data will be generated upon request. Basically, all of them are available for the whole of Europe, but they can also be calculated for individual countries or regions or particular sets thereof. The spatial levels for which these data are calculated range from NUTS 0 level (i.e. country level) to NUTS 5 level (i.e. municipality level) or beyond (any other spatial entity).

Interaction data

Interaction data represent relationships or flows or relative positions between regions and entities. Such data comprise neighbourhood matrices, airline, Manhattan or network distances, travel time or travel cost matrices, or even accessibility indices, peripherality indicators or the generation of isochrones.

The following interaction data can be provided:

  • Neighbourhood matrices

  • Airline distances, network distances and Manhattan distances

  • Travel time and travel cost matrices

  • Isochrones (road or rail networks, any origin)

  • Accessibility indices and peripherality indicators

  • Population potential within certain radius or certain travel time

The following matrix illustrates which interaction data are available at which spatial level:

Data types NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3 Municipalities Raster

NUTS 5 10x10 km 5x5 km 2.5x2.5 km 1x1 km
Neighborhood matrix

Airline distance

Manhattan distance

Network distance

Travel times
Travel costs
Daily accessibility
Potential accessibility
Population potential
Peripherality indicator

The RRG GIS trans-European network database will in any case be used for the calculation of the travel time and travel cost indicators, and for the generation of the accessibility indices and peripherality indicators. As the road and rail networks contain an explicit temporal dimension, all such indicators may be calculated for different points in time.

Regional data

Region data are data characterising specific assets of regions in Europe, where regions could be either NUTS entities of different levels or any other spatially delimitated entity. As there are quite a lot of regional data available in official statistics, the focus here is on data that cannot be collected from official registers but needs to be derived through GIS techniques. Examples of these are climatic data, data on the quality of life in European regions, or topographic data.

The following regional data can be provided:

  • Regional climatic data

  • Quality of life

  • Topographic data

Furthermore it is possible to calculate other specific interaction and regional data. Please contact us to ask for other composition of specific interaction data or regional data.

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General information
Transport networks
Region boundaries, admninistrative boundaries
Interaction data and regional data
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